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My grandma is kind of badass.

My grandma is the "elderly woman" in this story.

I want to punch the guy who tried to rob her in the face AND the nut sack.

Elderly woman armed with frying pan thwarts robbery attempt

Happy New Year!

I spent my new year in America, sick as a dog and not crawling out of bed except when I had to because sore throat and fever, yay!

I did go to Alabama for a day to see my grandma, which was good, but it was also cold and wet and so I got sick the next day and that pretty much meant the rest of my vacation was screwed.

I only lost my temper twice, once with one of my brother's kids who was acting a fool (and he learned do NOT cross auntie) and once impressively with mom and my big brother when they tried to make fun of me having a hard time standing up because of my knees. That once was...they pretty much pushed my beserker button and I went 0 to atomic meltdown in 2 seconds flat, and not once for the rest of vacation were my knees or limp mentioned again.

I have so far spent the new year clumsier than I have been since I was a teenager - I have bandages on fingers on both hands and have broken two nails and bumped into more things than I can count. I'm convinced my "dai kichi" o-mikuji really is "dai klutzy." ^^;;

Off to America!

Hey, all! I still live! And I'm heading to the airport to head back to Atlanta for winter vacation.

I'll be in the US until January 2nd, so if any of y'all are in the Atlanta area and want to meet up, PM me. :D
This is the most awesome thing you will ever see.

Just accept this as truth.

ATM: Utada Hikaru, Sakura Nagashi

Oh, and for the non-Japanese speakers out there, Utada Hikaru's own translation of the song.

Localization fail XD

Localization for North America of Japanese dating sim for women

OMG, dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying at the megadouche "princes" in the American version. DYING.


So, I wrote another Sherlock fic a day or so ago, and got what I consider a very big compliment - I was describing music in it, but didn't say the piece or the composer until the end. Someone reading it said that as they were reading it, they thought that it sounded like I was talking about a Philip Glass piece. Which I was. To me, that's a huge compliment, that someone could read the static words I wrote on a page but just know which composer's music I was describing. ^^;;

That made me really kinda proud. ^^;;

Unrelated, I went to the doctor for my yearly physical, and huh, my recent weird-ass depression might actually be me being very anemic - every single blood count was in the tank, very in the tank, and the notes for my yearly physical said it needed to be followed up on, and my doc said I probably need to do another blood test next month and possibly get camera sent down my stomach to make sure I don't have any internal bleeding. asdfghjkl; I kinda hope that's the culprit, because then I just need to start taking iron pills again.

That's one doctor's trip down; I have to go to Kyodai Hospital on Friday for follow-ups and knee x-rays, and I'm just going to take the whole day off work, fuck it, and have a three-day weekend.


It doesn't get any cooler.

Freestyle hip-hop dancing to a Philip Glass violin concerto.

It just doesn't get any cooler than this.



So, I used to be a big fan of minimalism when I was in college - I loved it. I had copies of a bunch of Glass and Adams operas, and other works.

The tapes I'd made as a high schooler from the CDs at the local library were left to sit in my brother's basement with half my stuff when I moved, and my CDs that contained many of my operas was stolen my first week in Japan by someone in my training program.

So I fell out of listening to modern classical.

I...now deeply regret that, and am getting back into it and catching up with many of the major Glass pieces I've missed over the last decade. I'm sure Apple loves me, because I have been buying like mad off of iTunes.

I had gotten so disillusioned with recent pop - there was nothing there of any interest at all, even though it seemed like there was so much experimentation happening in the 90s - now it's all just...bland as fuck, with a few minot exceptions.

So I decided to listen to some modern classical again, and...yeah, I missed this, and Glass has really put out some amazingly beautiful pieces lately - pieces of such haunting and etherial beauty I've been moved to tears (his violin concertos. Oh my god. Concerto I, mv 2).

It's nice to feel a little bit of something agan.

You're welcome.

This is the most exquisitely beautiful piece of music you will listen to today. It just is.