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29 April
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Yo! I'm a 5'9 Black expat. Nuff said. *g*

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Well, OK, maybe a little more.

So, I'm, well, me. I came over to Japan about nine years ago as an English teacher, first at an eikaiwa (English conversation) "school," then at a public junior high and elementary schools as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). And now? Still here, but done with English teaching--I took a year off to go to language school, and am currently working as a translator/native English speaking grunt at a research facility. This is a definite improvement. *cheers*

For fun, I write fanfic. Yes, yes, I know. Shut up, I like it. I also play video games badly. (Neither of which I talk about that much here--I have other loser-dork-fangirl journals for those--although my unsightly gaming habit has begun to take over this journal, too. >XD ) Somehow, I have become a gamer, and, um, I have no idea how that happened.

This journal is mainly infodumps (news stories and the like--I started watching the news as soon as I was old enough to turn the TV on myself and my favorite TV show as a kid was Nightline; that should say something) and occasionally me rambling about whatever's got my danders up or I'm fandorking over.

I also talk about a lot of stuff in this journal, of varying degrees of personal, and a lot of the personal kinda bad (I'll be honest, my life has been kind of rough, but I don't hide from any of it or keep it hidden), but with a lot of pointing and laughing at the world in general, myself most of all. Life's a joke, yo, even if sometimes it's a pretty bad one. Still, gotta laugh at it.

That or, you know, stab things with sporks. That works, too. >XD


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